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Focus of Practice

My name is Dr. Jon Ross and I have opened up a psychology practice that specializes in providing services to kids, teens, young adults & their families. In addition to working with kids who have a variety of emotional & behavioral struggles. I am experienced working effectively with kids who are on the autism spectrum & with kids who have ADHD. I have worked as a school psychologist with the Wake County Public School System since 1994, and for the past few years have worked clinically in the Triangle. I provide therapy, social skills groups and evaluations. I like to have parents regularly involved in sessions. I also like to keep in close contact with teachers and other professionals who are involved with my clients. I am diligent in my efforts to help out kids who have challenging behaviors. By maintaining a small practice, I have the opportunity to focus in-depth on your needs and research additional resources for you & your child. I see clients after school on Mondays & Thursdays, and on Saturday mornings. My office is located on the second floor of Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro. I can provide a sliding scale for families who are unable to afford my full fee.

The focus of my practice is on helping kids & teens to succeed socially; increase control over emotions & behavior; decrease self-defeating & oppositional behaviors; promote cooperative, kind, respectful & empathic behaviors; improve family life; become more flexible to adapt to challenging situations: enhance problem-solving skills; increase self-awareness, & understanding of others; improve communication skills; discover & promote talents; increase good feelings about themselves & others; thrive at school/work; and, increase overall life satisfaction & happiness. I try to make sessions entertaining and fun, when possible. I have my clients regularly engage in assignments out of the office to reinforce their skills across settings. I am also happy to consult on school issues. Please contact me for a phone consultation (no cost and confidential) to answer any further questions. If I canít provide the assistance you need, I will try to direct you to someone else who can.


Contact Dr. Jon Ross for an initial consultation at (919)-537-2012 or Office hours are Monday and Thursday after school and Saturday Morning at 200 N. Greensboro, D14, inside Carr Mill Mall.

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